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A Revolution in Gluten-Free lifestyles

The first-ever platform that instantly converts recipes to Gluten-Free without sacrificing taste or consistency.

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Convert any Recipe

We’ve transformed the way we look at Gluten-Free lifestyle by overcoming the everyday obstacles of balancing delicious food on a restricted diet. Whether you select from one of thousands of our recipes or create one of your own, our conversion technology will assess your recipes and modify it to an entirely Gluten-Free outcome.


Explore thousands of delicious recipes ready to be converted to Gluten-Free.


Search from thousands of recipes in our ever-growing database.


Review and customize changes to your recipes.


Convert your recipe and get ready to cook!

Gluten is everywhere.
You are not alone.

Gluten is a specific type of protein, but one you won’t find in meat or eggs. Instead gluten is found primarily in wheat, rye, and barley. Going gluten-free means avoiding these grains. A gluten-free diet is essential for most people with gluten allergies or celiac disease, a condition which causes intestinal damage when gluten is eaten. Here are some more facts:

Those who have heard of gluten
Number of those with undiagnosed Celiac disease
Those undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions
Those who can make anything Gluten-Free with Recipe Revolution
Everything you need

Recipe Revolution is truly a revolution for those maintaining a Gluten-Free lifestyle. We’ve removed all the barriers and in only a few quick steps, you can convert any gluten containing recipe to one that is completely Gluten-Free. Take a look at the process below.

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Meet the Team

Here at Recipe Revolution, we’re family. We put everything we have into providing the highest-level of quality into our platform. Take a look at the people behind the scenes.

Hello, my name is Alex Hutchinson, I'm a the Founder and President of Recipe Revolution.
Alex Hutchinson
Hello, my name is Neil and I'm the CTO and Co-founder of Recipe Revolution.
Neil Burchfield
CTO, Co-founder
Our Story

Alex Hutchinson was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, discovered only after his father, who had been ill from battling multiple adjacent medical conditions for years, was finally diagnosed after an 11-year episode of serious symptoms that mimicked Celiac Disease. Life for the Hutchinson family changed forever. 
True to her traits, Alex’s mother, Mary Lou Hutchinson, took ownership of navigating the new lifestyles of her husband & son, in a time when gluten-free products were scarcely accessible for purchase or to research. Mary Lou converted the Hutchinson household to gluten-free in 1996, relearning to cook from scratch, translating old favorite dishes that were now considered “unsafe”, and self-experimenting to give Alex the chance to keep experiencing new foods, despite his chronic restriction.  
Growing up, Alex and family battled with public and private school systems for even the slightest accommodations in food service. That is until his time at Southern Illinois University where they provided support and participation in his dietary needs. Alex helped form a food and allergy committee, improve the dining halls with kitchens dedicating a Celiac-safe prep space and designating separate appliances, utensils and allergy labels on dishes served. It was at SIU where the original Gluten-Free Converter application was born.
Today Alex, along with lifelong friend and Co-founder Neil Burchfield, help others with dietary restrictions by operating Recipe Revolution. It can be overwhelming to learn that everything about your diet must be changed, due to a medical condition or intolerance. Routines, shopping preferences, and lifestyles can be turned upside down as you try and navigate a diet that will agree with your body. Recipe Revolution was born to guide you.
Their mission is to provide a seamless transition to a gluten-free diet using their developed recipe conversion technology. Their vision is a new prescription to the gluten-free community… rather than avoiding recipes, let’s convert them! Please join & support us on our journey to make every cookbook a gluten-free cookbook with Recipe Revolution!